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The subject leader for Geography is Mrs Hailes.


At Giffard Park Primary School our children explore a wide range of topics covering a broad range of  geographical locations. Within these topics our children learn key skills which they will build upon each year in order to grow into confident and independent geographers.   

We offer wider opportunities to further geography learning, through hook days and educational visits both inside and outside the classroom.


Foundation and Year 1

Rhythm of the Rain / Rivers

We find out about human and physical features. First we visit the canal next to school and discuss why it is a human feature. We look at aerial photographs and maps showing our route and create our own simple map. Later we learn that a river is a physical feature. We learn that a river travels towards the sea. We learn a range of vocabulary about features that a river will pass.

Diamond in the Snow

This is a unit in which we investigate weather. We look at features of winter weather. We measure wind, temperature and rainfall and find ways to show what we have found out. We learn about the seasons we experience in the U.K..


We learn about some ways Africa is similar or different to the U.K.. We compare aspects of the locations, including weather and climate. We find out about animals that live in Africa. We will also learn the names of the seven continents and five oceans of the world.


Year 2

Past and Present

In year 2 children develop their understanding of the local area. They identify a range of features and find out about how some features have changed over time. We use a variety of maps and aerial photographs. We also learn the four cardinal compass points.

MK to Mumbai

During their ‘MK to Mumbai’ topic, the children use atlases to find continents, countries, seas, and oceans. We also use atlases to identify capital cities both in the United Kingdom and India. We learn about the similarities and differences of the human and physical geography of the United Kingdom and India.

Travel and Transport

During this topic children will review their learning about the U.K . including the countries and capital cities. We will make links to locations and means of transport within the U.K. and beyond.


Year 3 

What a Wonderful World 

In geography, the children use atlases to identify the countries in Europe and capital cities in the world. We look at the country of Spain, including its capital Madrid. We carry out compass reading of cardinal and intercardinal points and learn about map symbols, including those used on Ordnance Survey maps. We learn about hemispheres, the equator and tropics. The children build on their knowledge of human and physical features of different countries. We enjoy carrying out water cycle experiments. 


Year 4 

Radical Rainforest

In their geography lessons, the children enjoy learning about rainforests and in particular the Amazon rainforest in South America. We build upon prior understanding of physical and human geography and use this to identify features on both maps and in photographs.  The children find out about the animals settling in the rainforests and the adaptations they have to survive their habitat. Children will explore the lives of Amazonian indigenous tribes and compare the similarities and differences between the geographical location, within the Amazon and our own in the UK.

 Wonderful Water

In summer in Year 4, children learn about water and its importance in our everyday lives. We explore the water cycle and learn how water is processed to make it safe to drink and how once washed down the drain, the water is made safe to return back to the rivers. Children are intrigued by extreme weather and find out why flooding occurs, the impact it has on people as well as the environment.  We include a local study about canals, where we learn about the uses of canals and even had a canal boat trip down the Grand Union Canal.


Year 5  


During the Spring term, Year 5 children explore the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout the second half term we move towards learning about the Egyptians from a geographical view point. We make links with the River Nile and its importance now and in Ancient Egypt. We compare human and physical geographical features seen in Egypt and the United Kingdom. Children find out about the Aswan Dam. We consider the positive and negative impacts of the dam and link this with discussion about the management of natural resources of the area, especially water.

Natural Disasters

During the Summer Term we explore our geography topic on 'Natural Disasters'. We use the story book 'Escape from Pompeii' to learn all about Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We explore the key terms and vocabulary and use these to create detailed diagrams and reports on different natural disasters. We learn about the causes of different natural disasters and the impact after they occur. 


Year 6  

The Frozen Kingdom

 In Year 6 we carry out a comparison between locations outside Europe, particularly polar regions. We look at the key physical features, human geography and adaptations that animals have made in order to survive. We then compare this with our own locality to build up an understanding of climate zones, tourism and how/why cultures and countries have adopted some traditions.  

Our Changing World

Our geography topic explores how significant physical and human features can change. We find out about weathering and erosion with a focus on coastal areas, particularly areas of the U.K.. We also explore how human influence can affect the way a place can change over time. We will consider changes in our local area, other areas of the U.K. and the wider world.

Progression evident in locations, detail included in labelling/ key, vocabulary

Year 1- map of local area, simple key


Year 2 more detailed map of local area- also map of U.K./ world with continents and oceans

Year 3 Focus on Europe . There is also a map of Spain

Year 6  vocabulary included on world map includes continents, oceans, U.K, equator, tropics

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