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English as an Additional Language (EAL) Information

At Giffard Park Primary School, we aim to support, value and celebrate the diversity of our pupil population. We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all our pupils, including those who are learning English as an additional language (EAL).


What is EAL?

English as an Additional Language (EAL) refers to pupils who are learning English in addition to their native language. These students may have recently arrived in the country or have been exposed to English in a limited capacity. Giffard Park recognises the importance of providing targeted support to help these pupils develop their English language skills and integrate successfully into the school community.


EAL Support

Our school offers a range of support to assist pupils who are learning English as an additional language. We use the NASSEA tool to help observe, assess and accelerate the ways of our pupils to give them the best opportunities within class.

We seek to make our classrooms an immersive experience of a reading rich curriculum, developing on all EAL learners spoken and written English, ensuring that students can access and participate in all areas of learning. Our teachers are trained in strategies to support EAL learners, including the use of visual aids, simplified language, and peer support. We encourage a positive and respectful classroom culture that celebrates diversity and fosters understanding among students.


Parental Involvement

We believe that parental involvement is crucial in supporting EAL pupils' progress. We actively encourage parents and guardians to participate in their child's learning journey and provide resources and guidance to support English language development at home.

Here are some links that might be useful that have a range of free online games, songs, stories and activities for children to support learning of English:





Here are some more ideas on how you can help your child at home:

·         With homework, ask questions and talk about the topics looked at in school in your first language.

·         Encourage your child to use a bilingual dictionary/google translate to translate words.

·         Encourage your child to write down any new words in English and/or their first language to help remember them.

·         Encourage your child to ask their teachers if they do not understand something.

·         Read with your child at home - You can do this in your first language and talk about the pictures and what is happening in the story. With older children you can listen to them read and ask them to guess words if they don’t know what they mean.

At Giffard Park Primary School, we are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment that supports all students, including those who are learning English as an additional language. We believe that every child has unique strengths and abilities, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential.