Broadway Avenue, Milton Keynes, MK14 5PY

Our Ethos and Vision

At Giffard Park Primary School we strive to create a culture of learning, where children are happy, enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious and where every child has the opportunity to achieve their own potential.

We encourage mutual respect, support and collaboration between all children and adults, both within the school and the wider community.

We believe that it is important to provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment for all our children, thereby promoting a sense of pride in themselves and our school.

Through the development of a growth mindset culture, children have a better understanding of how they learn best and how to take responsibility for their own learning. Our children are learning how to grow into independent learners who are willing to strive, even when learning is not easy. When faced with new challenges, they now say: “I can’t do this – YET!”



We expect the highest possible standards of behaviour from all pupils and in order to achieve this we have established a School Charter. The SMART Charter is used across the school with all pupils from Foundation to Year 6 and sets out the attitudes and values that we believe underpin the ethos of our school.


SMART   learners are:


Sensitive                Kind, gentle and helpful to others.

                     We don't hurt people or their feelings.


Motivated               Hard workers who have a go.

                     We don't waste time or give up. 


Attentive               Good listeners who concentrate.

                     We listen to instructions and don't interrupt.


Responsible             Careful with property and nature.

                     We don't damage or waste things.


Truthful                 Honest.

                     We always tell the truth.


For information on how to help your child develop their growth mindset, click on the file below.