Outside Achievements

This half term we have seen some fantastic outside achievements, which have been celebrated during assembly on Fridays. 
Week ending 28/02/20:
Ava - Bronze award for Social Dance
Sophia - Silver award for Social Dance
Tamzin - White belt in Jado
Abigail - Dance Trophy
Brylie - Stage 2 and 5 metres in Swimming
Presley - White and green belt in Kickboxing
Week ending 06/03/20:
Teddy - Yellow belt in Martial Arts
Tamzin - Yellow Belt
Sophia - Certificate for 500 words
Elise - Medals for winning games on holiday
Paige - Primary 2 Ballet Certificate
Xavier - Orange stripe belt in Martial Arts
Harry - Yellow Belt
Charlie - Yellow Belt
Sadie - Primary 2 Ballet Certificate
Ellie - Yellow Stripe belt in Martial Arts
Week ending 13/03/20:
Olivia - Green belt in Martial Arts
Jackson - Orange belt in Martial Arts
Ellie - Stage 4 in Swimming
Julia - Dancing Rosette
Jack - Stage 5 in Swimming
Abigail - Dance Trophies 1st in Freestyle, 1st in Lyrical
Dillon - Green belt in Martial Arts
Frazer - Man of the Match Football trophy
During last half term we celebrated the following fantastic outside achievements. These were celebrated during assembly on Fridays. 
Week ending 10/01/20:
Chloe - Achievement award in Swimming and Level 7 in Gymnastics
William - Certificate for 10 metres in Swimming
Maya - Grade 1 in Clarinet and Certificate for 400 metres in Swimming
Sofia - Certificate for Water skills 1 
Zemirah - Violin Silver Music Medal
Tamzin - Violin Silver Music Medal
Imagen - Violin Silver Music Medal
Week ending 31/01/20:
Rafferty - Ninja Knights levels 1 & 2
Olivia - Yellow belt in Taekwondo
Scarlett - Gymfinity Level 1
Week ending 07/02/20:
Angelina - Gymfinity Stage 5 and 2 star of the week certificates
Olivia - Passed a Tap dancing exam
Jackson - Star of the month in Martial Arts club
Week ending 14/02/20:
Rafferty - Star of the week at Ninja Knights
Louie - Red belt in Kickboxing
Annabel - Bronze medal in Gymnastics
Oliver - Stage 7 in Swimming
Sadie - Stage 4 in Swimming
Olivia - Martial Arts certificate and 2 medals
Jackson - Martial Arts certificate and medal
Paige - Stage 6 in Swimming
Well done everyone!