Friends of Giffard Park


Friends of Giffard Park (FoGP) is the Parent / Teacher Association (PTA) for our school. We are a dedicated group of people who plan and run a series of events and activities throughout the school year. Our events are always well-supported by our pupils and parents alike, and they usually make lots of money! Our main aim is to raise funds to enable our school to purchase extras items that they may not have a budget for.
Here are some of the projects that we’ve raised funds for over the last few years:
  •  Playground Trim trail
  •  New kitchen for breakfast / after school clubs
  •  Sports / playground equipment
  •  New goal posts for the Cage
  •  Sports net for the hall
  •  School banner (feather flag)
  •  Staging
  •  Resurfacing of the Barge play area
  •  Fridge/freezer 
We also supply water bottles to all children entering Foundation and give a donation to the Year 6 post-SATs activities. Every child in our school benefits in some way from our fundraising achievements.
We believe it’s important that our fundraising is fun for everyone, especially our children. Popular events include an end-of-term discos (held at the end of every term) and film nights. Details / application forms for events are sent home on flyers via bookbags.
We also raise funds through events and activities such as:
  •  Rags2Riches Collections (unwanted clothing)
  •  Easyfundraising (donations for online purchases)
  •  Stall at Great Linford Waterside Festival
  •  Label Planet sales – Stikins name labels
  •  Yellow Moon catalogue (arts & craft supplies)
  •  Tuck Shop and Jubblie (ice lolly) sales
  •  Xmas Fayre & Raffles
  •  Second-hand uniform sales
Click here to visit Stikins Name Labels
These events don’t just happen without a bit of work – ticket selling, baking, administration, poster/leaflet creation, setting up the hall, tidying up after an event, tuck shop selling and not forgetting the buying/freezing of hundreds of Jubblies!! If you’d like to become involved in any way, drop your contact details in at the School Reception or send us an email and someone will get in touch when we have our next Committee Meeting – or sooner!-(
We’re on Facebook!
To all those of you who are on Facebook, don’t forget to ‘like’ Friends of Giffard Park to get the latest news on upcoming events & updates on how the funds have been spent. Please be assured that we comply with all School Policies regarding use of images from FoGP events – you may see pictures of your children but names will not be used. Any questions or concerns, please contact the Committee.
A bit more about what we do is attached below