Year 2 'Farm to Fork' Tesco visit

2nd March 2016
This week Year 2 visited Tesco in Wolverton. After a safety talk where they all had to put on high vis jackets they got to go onto the shop floor. Firstly they got to taste some different fruits and talked about where they came from. Then onto the fish counter where they were told the different names of fish and were even shown how to gut one! They got to do more tasting at the cheese counter where Edam came out as favourite, then onto the bakery with the different types of bread. When they went back upstairs they made some healthy cereal which they were allowed to take home.
The children had a great time and Tesco commented on how well behaved they all were. Thank you to Tesco for giving us the opportunity to do this and for the goody bag full of fruit, water and activity books. Also thank you to Donna McDermott for informing us that Tesco offer these trips.