Teaching and Learning Committee

Teaching and Learning
Each year the curriculum committee has a responsibility to survey parents to review their opinions and views regarding how the school is performing. Attendance of children at school is monitored by governors.
The Terms of Reference for the Teaching and Learning Committee covers the following:
  • To consider and advise the governing body on educational standards and other matters relating to the school's curriculum.
  • To advise the governing body on the school's curriculum policy and their statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum and to oversee the curriculum worship and religious education, sex education and special educational needs.
  • To review curriculum policy documents regularly and approve any amended policies.
  • To contribute towards the preparation of the School Improvement Plan and monitor progress on the implementation of the plan.
  • To discuss the annual school SATs and/or examination results on an annual basis and report any conclusions to the governing body.
  • With the assistance of staff to provide information to the governing body about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.
  • To monitor school improvement with the help of information contained in such documents as LA school profiles and ASP.
  • In conjunction with the Facilities Committee to ensure that the governing body's statutory duties with regard to children with special needs and the Disability Discrimination legislation are met.
  • To support the headteacher in reviewing and revising periodically the school prospectus in line with the statutory requirements.
  • To adopt and review periodically the school's Discipline/Behaviour Policy.
  • To consider matters of pastoral care and behaviour.
  • To promote and support positive home-school relationships to the benefit of pupils, parents and staff, including the adoption and periodic review of the Home-School agreement.
  • To approve school visits and adopt and review the policy and practice periodically.
  • To promote and support a healthy school environment e.g. Healthy Schools Initiative, Nutritional Standards, etc.
  • To ensure that the governing body fulfills its statutory responsibilities in relation to its policy on racial equality and the monitoring of racial incidents.
  • To contribute to the preparation of the School Profile as required.
  • To undertake with the head teacher a termly review of the school's SEF to ensure it is kept up to date.
  • To undertake any other school improvement/curriculum tasks as required by the governing body.