Eco-Warriors visit Anglian Water

27th April 2016
On Wednesday 27th April, Eco-Warriors went to the Anglian Water Education Centre in Linslade to discover what happens to our water waste after it has gone down our drains. We learnt that Anglian Water pump out 1.2 billion litres of clean water every day and can process up to 250 litres of water a second at the Linslade site. 

First, they screen out any waste paper, plastic and metal, before scraping the grit off the bottom of the pipes. Most of the grit is stones that go in to making our roads, but all the yellow specks are sweetcorn!

We were amazed that all of our 'poo' gets recycled to form 'cake', which is fertiliser used by farmers. They also collect the methane to power their recycling centres. After lunch,  we learnt about climate change, made a pledge to improve our water usage and experimented with filtering dirty water.
Back in school, the Eco Warriors will be completing a Water Audit and water plan to try to reduce our water consumption.